WorldOne is an organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst to humanitarian
and sustainability movements and organizations through its highly unique,
and effective landscape of ever-growing products and services.
"WorldOne Lives in a world that is divided. A world divided by borders and ripped apart by wars. A world where walls are built and bridges destroyed. A world divided where hardly anyone understands each other’s languages and customs. A world divided by religious dogma and rituals. A world divided by limited, divisive and supremacist ideas and ideologies. A world divided by wealth and poverty, by health and illness, by literacy and illiteracy, by housed and houseless, by the powerful and the powerless, by hunger, ignorance, intolerance and fear. A world in which hate rules and violence is an accepted way to resolve issues and disputes.
Our most precious values; love, compassion, freedom, truthfulness, tolerance, responsibility, dignity… have all lost their meaning in a fog of distortions, abstractions and disinformation, all were stripped of their essence, trivialized and became empty slogans.
WorldOne's intent is to change the present human enslavement, reduce the existing misery by being a self-sustained promoter to spur and better the lives of the people of the world; help them regain slowly but surely some of their birthright for dignity, security, liberty and the ability to satisfy their human needs.
WorldOne is determined to build bridges over the existing walls; will structure processes that will replace structured dependencies and servility, will try to address the basic primary needs of the neglected 4 billion people living in constant misery and consistent penury.
WorldOne’s greatest objective is not only to alleviate pain and despair but will also be to inculcate the idea of the oneness of our world, the oneness of our humanity and the oneness of our human destiny. Humanity was created with different physical appearances, different customs, different religions, different languages, and different experiences to learn from each other and grow with the help of each other.
Righteousness is neither the property of any one religion nor of any one culture; evil is neither restricted to any one place nor any one race, that the genius and the sacred, the greatness and the frailty, within every living being, is absolutely the same, regardless of country, color, religion or culture. This realization will allow humanity the chance to save itself from itself."
- Dr. Hussein Kabil, Founder & Chairman of WorldOne
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